May 19th, 2005



It's kinda like sleeping on your forehead all night long.

I didn't get enough sleep last night. I feel like my brain is asleep. I
don't really want to ingest large doses of caffiene, but it may become
necessary. The other option would be a metabolism booster, which might
get uncomfortable after a while.

The concept of a relationship right now is so far away from reality that
I wonder how I ever thought it might be possible. I just don't have
time; between the house and work, I am completely swamped and thoroughly
exhausted. I suppose at some time in the future when I become more
settled I might consider getting back in the swing again, but for now I
just feel the need to sleep when I have any time at all.

The weather isn't helping. Neither is my lack of movement. I think I
need to make a point of setting up the bike and getting back in the
habit of riding it daily, just to get circulation and endurance back
into the picture. I don't know when though. I suppose I could start
getting up at 5:30 every morning, but the thought of that makes me
cringe; maybe I could shoot for 6:00 and try to be to work by 7:30.

I need to go grocery shopping tonight. I've been putting it off due to
exhaustion every night when I get home, but I'm pretty much out of food
now other than canned soup and vegetables.

I could use a personal assistant. Or maybe would be a
good idea.

Naugahyde philandering

Oooh, wobbly.

I got to set up the feedback controls for a test load today. I know that
I'll get used to it after a while, but it was kind of exciting working
with an actual system that if I screwed up could cause damage.

The linear actuators are kinda cool. They're like mondo speakers. Like
the kind that could move your house.

Need to calm down a bit. I'm hitting the scattered zone. Trying to
understand too many things at once.


(no subject)

It's gonna rain, I can feel it. I should try to get the trailer unloaded and the trailer spot rolled and mulched before it rains, but first I need to fix the rake...

Then I can put away groceries.

I'm a start screaming now.