May 25th, 2005


Inane asylum

It's raining. The canopy is up, and it's raining, but underneath it is
dry. That is after all what it's for, but it's nice to see.

I'm having a breakfast of bananas and Red Bull, which I think would make
a good smoothie. I needed to get to eating the bananas since I've been a
bit lax in the eating of the bananas, and that is after all what they're

Went bowling last night. Well, I didn't actually go bowling, and
it wasn't actually bowling; it was more that I got some bowls
while I was at Walgreens. They're cheap plastic bowls, but they're blue.
I got four. I figure I can put stuff in them. Like fruit, or nuts. Or
tiny rocks.

(See, if I had a woman, I could have much more interesting things to
talk about.)

For vixenly:

The rain falls gently
I left my window open
Damp underwear sucks

Code Analysis

I really need to write a code analysis tool. Something that will inherit
a project (or allow you to define a project) consisting of code and
header files, and produce the following:

1.) Calling tree diagram
2.) Inclusion tree diagram
3.) Class and structure diagrams
4.) Flow diagrams per method/function/block
5.) Comments
6.) Orphans/Widows

Nesting would be a good idea, so for instance the calling tree would
allow a traversal into a class diagram or a flow. It would mean dynamic
documents, so printing might be a bitch, but the ability to be agile in
the analysis would be worth it.

It would make this SO much easier. It's taking me DAYS to do this