June 1st, 2005


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Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

The city of Minneapolis is once again on my ass for having a "nuisance condition":


Not appealable. Must be cleaned up by May 30, 2005. That would be... last monday?

Now this is actually less stuff and more cleaned up than it has been for the past year. It's pretty damn obvious that I'm in mid-project with the front porch, and that I've been cleaning stuff up in the back yard, but apparently it's not good enough.

So, to address the list:

1.) Scrap wood: I have a large discard pile that needs to be cut into pieces, and will now be going into the firewood pile. All of the AC2 scrap that is leftover from the deck will be put into trash bags and tossed in the dumpster. Apparently I need to do this RF Now, so I guess my evening is planned out.

2.) Paper: Paper?

3.) Plastic: Plastic? As in the tarp that I was using to cover the wood for the deck?

4.) Bricks: Yeah, bricks. That I was trying to freaking salvage to use to repair the broken brick facing on the house. I guess I can't actually KEEP the brick to salvage it.

5.) Cardboard: Cardboard is all bundled and awaiting recycling.

6.) Construction debris: WTF, a category to cover construction debris that doesn't fit in the above category?

7.) Rakes, Shovels, etc.: Apparently you can't have yard tools in your yard now. Perhaps these need to go inside or something. I also have a lawnmower and a lawn roller outside which will probably have to go indoors as well.

8.) Concrete Blocks: Okay, this one I take serious offense to. I don't have any concrete blocks except those that are being used to support the fireplace wood as per the city's requirements. I will be having a whole buttload of them delivered for the front porch in the coming couple of weeks. Is this a pre-emptive strike?

9.) Misc. debris: This must be the category for stuff that doesn't fit in the "construction debris" category above. It could mean basically anything.

I am familiar with this pattern. The city will come by and leave little niggling bits here and there, notes to have work done or be fined, followed by court dates and fines. Been there, done that.

So it's looking like dumpster time again. And jmanna, you're gonna have to arrange for your cottage firewood pickup fairly soon. I'm keeping the logs, but the rest of it (which is the vast majority) must go.

And now I shall proceed to be cranky for a while.
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