June 8th, 2005


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We'll wait in stone circles
'til the force comes through.
Lines join in faint discord
and the stormwatch brews
a concert of kings
as the white sea snaps
at the heels of a soft prayer

So the sky exploded last night.

There was a need, I think. The heat was getting to be too much to even sleep, and with that much energy it was bound to happen.

The canopy didn't fare too well, though the actual damage was limited to only one corner connector which I can replace. However, it had collapsed onto the Exploder, and I needed to re-establish it's integrity before I could leave for work.

Then there were the traffic lights. It seemed like all of them from Lyn-Lake to Uptown were completely out, bringing out the asshole drivers from hell (including one truck from the City of Minneapolis who seemed to think that stopping just wasn't necessary and almost smacked me down). Follow that up with most of the lights from St. Louis Park to Hopkins being out, several large branches and a few trees being down, and the morning commute was a bit on the long and frustrating side.

And now the network server seems to be down. I have the feeling it's gonna be a dodgy day.

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Tonight is some making of stuff and some fixing of other stuff.

I have the feeling that phrase will be reused quite often now that I'm back home.
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Air conditioner is in the bedroom window. Got a couple of fans for the Sasha since she is more capable of handling warm, and I don't think the upstairs bedroom has enough wiring to be able to handle AC. If it gets much worse, I might pick up a small unit and a big-ass extension cord from the studio.
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