June 11th, 2005


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Things are better today. Spent some time with friends last night, and thanks to Trees, was much better after a backrub. Never underestimate the human touch.

saveau mentioned something interesting, an insight that a goodly amount of the women that I am attracted to have certain similarities. Difficult to pinpoint, and I am probably too subjective to catch it, but it's not the first time the observation has been made.

I'm sure it has something to do with a quality of expressing sexuality. One friend has mentioned a certain slutty quality that I seem to like; I think it's the wrong word but the right direction. Sexual confidence maybe, though that's a harder thing to define.

Still, it's an interesting observation. And it probably speaks to things deeper in my psyche as well, but I am off to go grocery shopping and errand running.
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Grocery shopping: check.
House payment mailed: check.
Drugstore run: check.
Nap: about to be checked.

There is still the run to Menards that will require the trailer and the perambulation of the pooch yet to be done.