June 22nd, 2005

xray eye

Arglebargle iv

So today has been filled up with meetings and interviews and discussions as well. It's been a kind of an odd day.
First, I woke up late and had to run out of the house without a shower. I hate not showering because I feel grimy for the rest of the day-- however, part of today was a social event outside, so there was sweating in the hot sun, and that pretty much negates any positive effects of the showering.
Then it was a meeting with Rick who is here from the home office in Framingham. Rick was in charge of the project before I got my grubby paws on it, so he has a lot more insight into the internals of it, and pretty much took me on a coding tour. That led immediately into the first interview/presentation, which went well into the noon hour.
After lunch, phase 2 of the interview, followed by the ice-cream social.

I am now officially comatose.

Was up until late working on a project that shall not be named. Sasha was up doing laundry, so we spent a lot of the time talking and watching TV. It's nice to have female company, even if it's not of the "I wanna get dirty" variety. We talked a bit about making movies, I threw out an idea for a short, she didn't throw up.

Unfortunately because of the lack of shower, I still have various bits of goo attached to my body. From the project, not from Sasha.

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