July 5th, 2005


(no subject)

Wow-- it's a kind of a shock being back in the world of the mundane.

Went over to Tony & Kristi's last night for some fireworks and a movie, which was nice all around (except for the movie being Independence Day-- cripes, what a groaner). Brief chat about some movie ideas that we need to talk about more in-depth. A bit of a neighborhood fireworks spectacular... decent fun, though beer, a propane torch and fireworks make for an interesting combination at times.

I must remember the "recovery day" after the convention. I managed to sleep something like 12 hours straight through (woke up at 4:00), and unfortunately I managed to miss all of the Cinema Rex dead dog film festival. Well, I was in good hot-babe company so it's not that unfortunate.

Sadie comes home tonight. I miss my pooch, and I'll bet that she's wanting to be home, too.


Back to work.