July 6th, 2005


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Holy frijoles, Batman... I overslept this morning. I woke up at 9:45, having slept through my alarm, which continues for an hour after it goes off. Either that or the pooch shut it off because she wanted to get more cuddle time after being away from home for five days. I'm pretty sure it was just me.

Possibility I'm getting sick. That wouldn't be good, but it's better now than a week ago. I'd like to just be able to sleep tonight after I get home, but I really need to mow the lawn, trim weeds, and get my ass moving on the masonry work on the porch.

I've decided to do the dry-stacking method for the foundation walls, then fill in with concrete and rebar. The walls will be plenty strong, and it will save a mondo buttload of labor. Or at least be a whole lot easier to make sure everything is spit and level. It does mean that I need to find some slightly different concrete blocks though. Menards only has two kinds. I'll try Home Depot tonight, but I'm not uber-hopeful. I may have to either live with what I can get, or try and special order through a place like Anchor Block Company.

The nice thing about special ordering is that I could go with non-standard sizes, like 10" instead of 8" wide block. Then again, the 8" block is just fine, and really I can handle the cutting and filling as needed, it's just some extra work. And how hard can cutting concrete be anyway? :)

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I think I'm having something of a crappy day.

Code isn't working like I think it should. The debugger with breakpoints set isn't breaking at the point of execution of code that must be executing. Nothing is working the way it's supposed to be.

And my 45-day review is tomorrow.

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