July 10th, 2005


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I actually went bike shopping today. Briefly, but worth it. I didn't buy a bike yet, but I saw one that I liked in my price range.

And I went over to Colin & Jess's to meet saveau for a marathon HALO LAN session. And verily, I did once again earn my nickname of "bait", being killed far more often than killing (and all too often at my own hand). It was a huge blast, and very cathartic.
Afterwards, I was distracted by a bad movie called Goth, which of course I liked. It's definitely in the "six dollars and spit" category of indie films, but they did some unbelievably creative things with sets. They shot an entire set of scenes in a goth "club", that I recognized as being a redress of a single set, and as it turned out the whole piece was filmed in somebody's garage. A significant part of the movie was filmed inside of a van, and honestly it actually required some acting talent to pull it off. And they almost had enough. Phoebe Dollar was actually pleasant to watch as a psychopath.

The special effects were... well, crap. When somebody is being stabbed with a knife, it really isn't that hard to make it look like they're actually being stabbed. Not using a real knife helps with that.

Rockin' soundtrack though.
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Too much to do today. Laundry, cooking, brickwork, cleaning, paying bills. I want to hit up Breast Buy to get some DVDs, but I don't know if that will fit into my evil plan for world domination.

First order of business is I think lunch. Faux pizza.
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Okay, it's definitely too hot to do any more bricklaying.

I made up the faux pizzas and popped them in the oven then popped in the shower. I only put 'em in at 325°, so they weren't done by the time I finished, and I had enough time to get the clothes sorted and the first load of laundry started.

Noshed a bit, then decided to try to hit Micro Center on the off chance they had the DVDs that I wanted. Sadie immediately picked up on the going somewhere vibe, and really really wanted to go with. So Sadie got packed into the back seat, the windows rolled down, and off we went.
Micro Center was a bust, so we went on to Breast Buy Ridgedale. There I picked up the Alien Quadrilogy, Alone in the Dark, Boogeyman, and 12 monkeys special edition.

Boogeyman I haven't seen, and it's a Sam Raimi film, with commentary and extras. It's research. The Alien Quad is chock full of extras-- nine discs in all. And 12 Monkeys has a bunch of added stuff.

As for Alone in the Dark... well, it's a Uwe Boll film. And it has extras: a making of, a special effects making of, and best of all, a commentary by Uwe Boll himself. How could I not?

We stopped at Wendy's on the way back; a diet Coke for me, and a baby Frosty for Sadie. Happy dog.

When we got home, we had some dog time and played "get the water" (fun dog game with the garden hose where Sadie gets all wet), and she enjoyed it immensely. Cool water on a hot day is sometimes perfect.

Then I started moving concrete blocks and prepping. I got the blocks moved to the front and the crap that was leftover from the yard sale cleaned up (some stuff had blown into the channels by the foundation) and the footings cleaned off and dampened again. And started getting dizzy. Good time to stop.

On a good note, the wall works out perfectly with a five-block height dry stacked.

In the meantime, I think I need to rehydrate and lay down in the cool air conditioned bedroom for a while and watch bad movies.
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