July 12th, 2005


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Woke up today, groggy and headacey.

Hail Mary, full of snot.

Coughing, lungs full of crap. Called in sick, back to bed. Coughing. Can't sleep.

Gonna take some NyQuil and zonk.
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Woke up to a phone call. Collection agency about an unpaid bill from when I was in Iowa. A bill that I had paid.


I had paid the bill. By check. Made out to the cable company. Not to the electric/gas company.

Okay, straightened that out.

Call from the old apartment place. They realized their mistake, and are cutting me a refund check.

Found an unauthorized charge on an old account. Someone had signed me up for a subscription to Entertainment Weekly from a Best Buy. Got it canceled and refunded.

Took the dog outside to pee. Put on a robe. Sat down on the chair on the porch.

The metal chair.

The one that's been in the direct sunlight for several hours.

My scream scared the dog. And probably a few neighbors.

And now I have to try and put some aloe vera lotion on my ass.

Joke here: know what burns my ass? A metal chair that's been in the sun for several hours.

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I think I've been shallow for a while.

I've noticed after looking back for several months worth of posts that the topics have been lacking in depth. A lot of fairly mundane stuff. I suppose it's because my life has been relatively mundane as of late, being overwhelmed with new job, Big Broken Box™, and the lack of dating.

Perhaps I lack depth.

More likely, I think it's that I'm distracted.