July 14th, 2005


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Mondo hondo sore throat this morning, to the point where I am beginning to suspect strep. Could just be post-nasal drip from the cold. I pretty much have no voice, but I can type.

Of course, that would mean that it would be good to have something to say.

Delphi sucks. Actually, I've been pretty unhappy with any Borland product that I've run into in the past several years, but Delphi in particular is chapping my ass.

There are some certain standard debugging features, like breakpoints. When you set a breakpoint in the code, you should break at the breakpoint. Things like a call stack or evaluation of expressions are really handy tools to have.

Maybe I'm spoiled. Hey, I've done debugging on DSP systems where the only indicator of where you were was toggling a spare port pin, and you had to determine timing from a scope trace. It's the Vulcan Mind Meld of debugging.

This is just a cumbersome set of tools that doesn't work well.


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In my head, there is a beach made of fine, clean sand that runs up to a set of bluffs as far as the eye can see. There is only one building: a lighthouse that stands sentry to warn away any ships that might come too close to the shore.
Inside the lighthouse, there are stairs going up to the beacon and down into a basement that is full of wooden crates. The things in the crates are mysteries; dark hidden things that need to shun the light of day in order to survive.
Down the beach a small way there is a fire in a fire pit. A lone figure sits cross legged watching the fire. It's a small dark-haired boy, but it's not all at once. I understand that this boy is an avatar, a representation of something larger. I think the boy represents some hidden part of my self, some inner domain that talks to me in the middle of the night.
He turns to me and asks

"What have you done?"

And then he walks away.

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Apparently there is no good balance between the amount of cold medication that I need to take to keep me from coughing up lungfuls of goo, but still allow me to be conscious enough to work.

Signed up on Yahoo! personals last night, because I figure the best time to fill out information about myself is when I'm throttled to the gills with NyQuil. After looking though, I did find more interesting women on there than any other site so far. Nobody that made me sit up and take notice immediately, but some that were definitely more interesting than the mundane.

I still feel pretty confident that if I'm going to meet someone interesting (in my sense of the word), it's likely going to be through some social or performance-based activity. I really tend to gravitate toward performers, primarily actors, dancers, and musicians. Creative folks.

Wow, I wish I could be home in bed right now.

I have to make some prop swords and at least one prop gun. I have the originals of both, which I need to mold in some material and then cast in some material that is rubbery and flexible. My original ides was to make the molds of silicone, then cast in urethane rubber. However, I've discovered that the urethane rubber isn't particularly tear-resistant.
My other thought is to cast in silicone, or in latex, or a latex/urethane foam mix. I like the latex/urethane foam mix because it's much more forgiving and still pretty durable, and it takes paint pretty well.
Now that means that I have to make the mother mold out of plaster. Plaster is easy to work with, but it's solid, and I'm molding solid pieces, and that's not generally a good idea. Trying to remove a sword blade from a plaster mold sounds like a great recipie for frustration, even with plenty of mold release.

Now I could do something like make an original mold out of latex, then cast a wax positive and make a plaster mold of that. Or I could make an original mold of silicone and do much the same. Or I could try slip-casting latex in a silicone mold, and then backfilling with flexible urethane foam.

'Tis a quandry.

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1.) two extra hours at work tonight.

2.) Got home to find that the dog had gotten into the garbage and it was strewn about the kitchen.

3.) And the alarm was continuously beeping.

I tried resetting the alarm to no avail. Everything seemed to be working fine, but it was just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, really effing loud.
Called the alarm company emergency service line. Had to wait for a call back. Finally got a call, and he took me through several paces, and nothing worked. He finally had me go into the basement, and disconnect the backup battery and the main power.

And it was still beeping.

This made entirely no sense. I went back upstairs, and sure enough the alarm power was completely out but it was still beeping.

Until I opened the closet door, and it got louder.

Apparently at some point, somebody put the CO2 detector in the pantry, and put a bunch of stuff on top of it. And the pantry is right next to the control panel.

Reset the CO2 detector, and all was fine.

Cleaned the kitchen. Chastized the dog.

Got new water for the pets.

Cooked some cow on the grill.

Started a load of laundry - bedding.

Hooked the alarm back up.

Finally sat down at 9:00.

A bit tense. Coping skills are a bit off today, but I think I'm okay now.
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