July 17th, 2005


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Am I the only one in the world who isn't caught up in Pottermania?

Don't get me wrong, I like the books, and I like the movies, but I don't need to be the first one on my block to read the new book.

From what it sounded like, the books were going to be selling out shortly after midnight, and be in scarce supply. Yet at 2:00 this afternoon, Raionbow Foods in Maple Grove had a table full of them. At almost 30 bucks a pop.

Honestly, I can wait for the paperback.

But a bigger question: this isn't the first time that people are all over being in the first herds to get a book, or see a movie, or something or other. What is it that makes it so important? Is there some sense of superiority that comes with having seen or read this thing before everyone else?

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The day was almost entirely spent up at Tony & Kristi's place, playing Arkham Horror, a board game that has been updated and is being published by owr own Fantasy Flight Games!

It was quite fun, though I have a couple of nitpicks: we played with 8 people, which may have just been too many, as the game came in at something like 8 hours of play (2-4 is listed on the box). Also, the game has a whole lot of bookkeeping happening, which bogs it down a bit too much for my tastes. I like the way it's designed though, it's quite versatile, and does have some real surprises.

Circumstances pared our group down to six people, and that was quite possibly the sweet spot; we started moving almost twice as fast.

I'd most definitely play it again. It will very likely be a completely different experience next time.

This is the kind of thing that would be simply awesome as a computer-based game where you could set up a LAN party and have it handle all of the bookkeeping.

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Adrienne just stopped by with some materials for the 20-40-60 show that she needs edited. Part of the reference material is on VHS tape, and funny enough, I have to hunt around for a VCR. Side note: Adrienne is wearing some perfume that smells wonderful. Must find out what it is.

I need to bop off to Nards/Home Despot today to pick up some more concrete stuff. I need to get some more 4" fluted blocks and some fiber reinforced cement, and that handy cement mixer. And really, I should arrange for delivery of the big blocks and bags of concrete and rebar. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that most of the concrete work is going to happen during the week when I come home after work, since my weekends are pretty much full.

I seem to remember saying just a few days ago something about "no more projects". Silly me.

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How I spent my day:

Menards and Home Depot.

97 degrees. Concrete block. 62 blocks in all, ranging from 22 lbs to 36 lbs each. Several bags of varios concrete mixes ranging from 60 to 97 lbs each. And rebar, only 20 pcs. And oh yeah, a cement mixer.

How much does all this weigh?

About 2200 lbs.

Notice in the top picture how low the trailer is riding on the tires, and how squashed the tires look.


Now consider that I basically moved all of this stuff twice already.

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So I walked in to Border's today.

Harry Potter. 40% off.

And a brand new Kim Harrison paperback. And a brand new Patricia Cornwell.

I am my own bitch.