July 19th, 2005


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I think part of the difficulty with sleeping is coming from the cold medication. Tonight I think I'll try and go without and see if I can sleep without coughing up lung poodles again.

Dreamt I was driving along a road at night. It was winter, and there were plowed snowbanks that had to be 20 feet high on either side of the road. I noticed a cop car pulled over, and slowed down; when I looked out the window, I saw that the cop was being overpowered by a couple of punk kids. I swung the car around to go back and help, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a third punk kid raise up a rifle, and he shot me in the head.

Feeling a bit of the wonk. I have this feeling, like a creative craving. It's making me want to do a whole bunch of different projects to fulfill it, but it's like it won't be sated. And right now I'm pretty heavily stuck in repair mode on the Big Broken Box™. I'm beginning to suspect that I'm looking for validation through display.

Think of it like a peacock spreading its plumage. The one with the best display gets the hens.

I am bursting with ideas for short films, in the one-to-five minute category. The problem is finding the time and locations to make them.

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The Deviant Geek
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Yeah, that fits.

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Trying to debug code that communicates between systems using shared memory.

There is no synchronization mechanism. Events are asynchronous and unscheduled.

The shared memory is shared between two different operating systems running simultaneously on the same computer.

One application is written in a mixture of C++, C, and assembly, and runs in an OS that you've probably never heard of. There are some limited debugging tools. The other side runs in Windows, but is written in Delphi (kind of like a stunted Pascal), and the debugging tools are abysmal.

The structure of some of these pieces... who in their right mind puts a communication buffer in the middle of an IO control block?

I'm trying to discover the root cause of a problem where a part of the data for the IO control is not getting passed properly between the two pieces. I don't know whether it's getting written over, or if it's misaligned, or what is going on.

I did make one change to a structure, but really the code shouldn't be dependent on changing offsets by a change in structure definition, unless it's being referenced in some hidden way...

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Whooo... tonight is already chock-full and I'm still a couple of hours away from leaving work.

1.) The Moving of the Concrete:
In theory, mle292 and stark0228 are coming over for a bit to help with the humping of concrete blocks from the trailer to the front yard and some other assorted porch work.

2.) Adrienne's audio cut for the 20-40-60 show:
Tech is tonight, and I didn't realize it, so she needs the cuts by 9:30 at the latest.

Which means I may have to bail on the porch work early.

The weird part of this is that because I am stressed, I have an urge to give a massage rather than to get one.
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Hi..my name is Annita,I went through your profile and i was really attracted to you,hope this is allowed.I actually don't believe in love over the net,but i would love to give it a trial.i'm 26yrs old girl ,White , from Ohio Ashley USA but presently stucked and stranded in the hospital here in nigeria africa.i want to be a friend and possible be more than a friend to you.if you are okay with me please do not hesitate to reply me back.

Hi Annita,
Wow, it must be tough being stucked and stranded in the hospital in Nigeria, I hope everything is okay.

You should be happy that you're not in prison there. I was once imprisoned in the prison in Nigeria, and I still haven't completely regained the use of my left side, and my testicles, well the doctor says that they may be able to give me a prosthetic so I won't look so lopsided, but he says nobody will probably notice seeing as I have the big missing chunk taken out of my side from the lion.

I was in Ohio Ashley USA a few months ago. It looks like the Space Needle was torn down, at least I didn't see it there anymore.

I hope to hear from you, and I hope that my disfigurement and my total inability to have sex doesn't disappoint you.



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You are the Monarch! You think the world revolves
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What Renaissance Performer are you?
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Thanks to mle292, the trailer is once again clear and the blocks are all in the front yard, along with a buttload of bags of cement and mortar. stark0228 came by, but unfortunately I had to get cracking on Adrienne's sound mix, which involved hooking up a VCR (after finding it), and a few special treatments to make it better.

Made it with about a half-hour to spare, which made for a nice dinner at the BLB with Adrienne, with Laurie White and Tony Karna stopping by.

I then hung around the BLB for a bit to watch the tech rehearsal, obstensibly to listen to the mix in the performance space to make sure it worked. Of course getting to watch hot dancer babes perform had nothing to do with it. Really though, they are impressive to watch-- I think this might be the best I've ever seen them individually. Amy was fooling around a bit beforehand, doing some handstands, then getting back down, completely silent. it was awe-inspiring.

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for dancers? It's admiration. Don't tell anyone, or I'll lose my lecher status.

I need to go put a tarp over the bags of cement before I forget. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.
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