July 25th, 2005


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Yesterday I decided not to go to purplesquirrel's tubing extravaganza because of the getting-over-the-cold thing. Last minute desicion, but also aided by the extreme lateness of when I woke up, which would have made me hard-pressed to get there.

I ended up going over to missmollygrue's for some bocci and indie film goodness, and other than the sweaty nature of stuffing some 30 or more people into one room, it was grand. Made it home by 11:00 or so to feed the hungry pets, then tried to sleep for the first time in something like ten days without the NyQuil/cough med combo.

And sleep I did.

And verily, did I dream.

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Glutton for punishment am I.

Aside from the various film projects going on and the work on the house as well as just general life crap, I have this idea for something for CONvergence next year.

And it's a big thing.

Big enough that I'd have to build it outside. And make it in pieces so that it could be shipped. And I have no place to store it once it's made. ANd I probably can't afford to make it.

But damn, it would be cool...

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After I get the concrete block in place and I'm ready for the core fill, I can get a truck to come and pour directly for around $500. Premixed, pour-in-place.

Or I can do it myself by buying the materials, mixing with the cement mixer, and pouring it one load at a time.

8 bags of type I Portland (~ 800 lb)
3/4 cu yd. of pea rock (~2800 lb)
3/4 cu yd of sand (~2100 lb)

And then the humping of a couple of tons of rock and sand to the front of the house.

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So, like, unlikely that there will be any brickwork tonight. Took me over an hour to get home, mostly because of stalled traffic. Everything is wet.

I need to do a bit of laundry and some more work on props.

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