August 8th, 2005


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So you know, physics degree and all that.

Knowing how to build a pretty decent atomic bomb comes with the territory.

Now don't take this the wrong way, but soomewhere I seem to remember some supervillain origin story that started out with some genius type of guy who was jilted by a woman (or women), him snapping, and ended up with the creation some sort of super-weapon which became a thing of power for him.

Not that I would actually build an atom bomb in my basement or anything. But you know, it's not actually that hard. The equivalent of 10,000 tons of dynamite can be pulled from less than 4kg of plutonium. And oddly, refined plutonium isn't that hard to get. It's much harder to get the high explosives needed to start the reaction, but it's possible to purchase the component chemicals online and actually make the explosives. The chemistry is pretty basic carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen stuff.

Not that I'd actually build an atom bomb in my basement or anything. Not even just as an intellectual exercise.

I'm just sayin'.

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So I get home tonight, and I think I hear the phone in the living room ringing. Funny, because it's on the same circuit as the one in the bedroom, and the one in the bedroom wasn't ringing.
I go into the living room, and sure enough, it's ringing, but it's really weak. I pick it up, and it's a dial tone.


So I call the marmot line. It's busy. Ruh-roh.

Something is indeed screwed up with the phone lines.

I go into the basement.

Now you may think that in my McGyverish tendencies, I've set up the phone wiring in a big terminal block in case I need to do some troubleshooting on the phone lines. And you'd be right. Usually when weird phone shit happens, it's outside the house, so I disconnect it from the incoming block and use my handy test phone to check the lines.

This time, the incoming lines are good.

I do some fiddling. I start disconnecting branches of the phone lines and do some testing, but when I call on the main house line at the incoming block (that is absolutely disconnected from the rest of the house), the house phone rings.


Something somewhere has crossed the lines.

The first suspicious culprit is the line that actually runs OUTSIDE the house to go to the upper floor.


I keep disconnecting lines until I find the culprit-- which is a branch line that runs to the front of the house.

So I get there and start disconnecting lines. Third try is the charm-- one of the now-unused jacks in the living room, behind the TV. Weird, but okay. I disconnected the wires and went upstairs.

The jack was latying on the floor, upside down behind the TV.

It was full of cat pee.

And evidently, cat pee has some rather interesting properties when it comes in contact with copper wires, brass screws, and electricity. It becomes conductive at just the right amount to bridge the phone circuits without shorting out either one of them.

So now I have to wash up all of the cables, try and de-pee the place, which is right behind the litterbox.

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Too hot for brickwork, so back on props.

Got some urethane rubber, more silicone, foam urethane, mold release, and a bunch of other fun stuff to play with. And some really powerful solvent. Hoo, boy, is it potent. More potent than a tubular tuber tube.

I'm a go watch Constantine and get my Keanu fix.