August 19th, 2005


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Age: 26 years old
Last Login: 1 day ago

Where I live: Pequot Lakes, Minnesota
Languages I speak: English
About Me:
I the nice beautiful girl with good sense of humour and cheerful nature. I always try to be cheerful and I try to cheer up anothers. I very much want to get acquainted with the man for long relations and it is possible for creation of family. Write to me and we probably will manage to us to create the happiness about which dreams each person which lives on this planet.
About my ideal mate:
I search for the assistant to soul, I want to love and to be lovely up to the end of the days. I want that my satellite was attentive to me and I shall answer him same. Write to me and I shall try to make all that you have not regretted about it!

I have no height preference.

Hello, my name is Ekaterina
Please write to my e-mail address: KATUSHECHKA_79@BK.RU
Because may be this chance for us was saved by the God.
I am ordinary girl that lives in Russia
I am natural a brunette, my eyes is blue, but I am lonely...
I am ready to tell about myself much more but only if you will answer me.
I very much hope, that you will not leave my initiative and will write to
my e-mail address: KATUSHECHKA_79@BK.RU
Even if now you haven't enough free time,
I promise by my answer to tell about me more detail.
Just let me know, that I have made a correct choice, having written you.
Waiting your reply, Ekaterina

Freaking amateurs.

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Back riding the monkey today. Tummy is still wonky, but the headache is down to a mild throb. I have the feeling that an extra 18 hours or so of sleep was a good thing.

I resculpted the bed last night. It's a kind of silly thing, but I realized this morning that I have a group of pillows that I cuddle with during the night. I realize that may cut down my scary and intimidating status a little bit.

Stop that snickering. If the Grand Moff Tarkin can wear bunny slippers, I can hug a pillow or two.

Sadie was very sweet to me yesterday. Even Micha (A.K.A. The Dark Master) was sweet to me and became cuddle kitty. Poose and Dorky were pretty aloof as usual, waiting for FoodBringer. And of course, this morning, Sadie didn't want me to leave.

First thing at work was an interview for a contract programming position. I am mildly astonished at how difficult it is to find crossover programmers-- folks with more than one discipline under their belts. I suppose it's more an artifact of the mindset that is common in the programming world, but still...

I think I'll try to down a salad for lunch today. I'm just not up to anything stiffer.
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Hi, my name Anna, I liked your structure and I have decided to drop a line you a little. In hope that I to receive your answer back. I want to tell slightly about myself. To me of 29 years, I was born
in Russia in small beautiful city. So I have turned out that to not have the husband and the liked person! I do not know why so, I was possible such person... I hope do not frighten you the words!? I to hear by the TV set and at cinema, what men in USA - very good
and kind, it so much? I very constraining person, also think that through the letter to communicate less more constrainingly... As want to tell that, I not in perfection to know the English language and consequently at once want to apologize for my mistakes... I hope, I shall see your answer soon.
My E-Mail
Friend Anna

This comes from the same user as before. Anchorage.

Sad, really.

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Moment of Genius:

Dan O'Bannon talking about writing a screenplay, when he has a problem with exposition where it seems forced, cut it. Keep the dialogue true to the characters in their situation. It's important that he knows what's happening as a writer, and it's important that the filmmakers know it, but the characters do not have to say it.

I think that's a lot harder to do in practice, but what a wonderful bit of breakthrough for writing, at least for me.