August 20th, 2005


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To break the ice.

Those walls that you have put up around yourself, the ones that keep you from maybe getting hurt again, they work both ways you know. They keep the big scary monsters outside, but they also keep you inside, a prisoner of your own creation. And that loneliness you feel, it's an illusion. It's a crutch that keeps you on the edge but lets you run away and hide, or break things that are tenuous and gentle with your ferocity, because you want to test the bonds before they're fully formed saying "look at my fury, can you withstand the pain, because it can get ugly in here".

Because you're not the only one with walls, you know. And sometimes when you feel gentle and things are going well, you send out your own tendrils, only to find them engulfed in rage from somebody else's fury.

It's never what it seems.

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Tony has a rough cut of act1 scene1 of Prey up on the Stone Soup Films website.

It uses the DIVX codec.

This is a rough cut. There is no sound, and there has been no color correction yet, so it's a bit weird to watch (really dark in places)... but some parts of it kick ass. And Conrad rocks the house as the vampire.

There's even a brief flash of the faux flames that look damn convincing.

I think this bodes well...

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Taking a break this afternoon, I was going to take Sadie for a walk. Did a quick mail check, and lo and behold, there was her puppy park permit.


So I bundled her in the car, and we went to the dog park, where she had a wonderful time sniffing butts, playing chase games, and doing general dog things until she was pretty much exhausted. She is crashed out on the bed right now.

I was too, for a while. Woke up and turned on COPS, where I got to see a guy with a bag of powdered sugar in his trunk get busted for having a counterfeit controlled substance.

Not to be a prong, but the number of times that I've driven with a bag of unlabeled white powdery substance in my car makes me rather uncomfortable with this idea.