August 23rd, 2005


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Lovely descriptive term I just saw today:

arrogant egotistical drama queen fucktard hosebeasts

There needs to be some sort of scorecard for these. That one is just delicious.

Feeling a mite intolerant today. Hearing about other people's happiness in their relationships is pushing some buttons. Nothing against people being happy, but I'm a long way from heart-melty grinny grunty happiness, and it feels a bit like poking the bear.

I feel an awful lot like the guy that you always hear them talk about on the news as being "a quiet fellow, kept to himself mostly, but he seemed nice enough".

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Brain not functioning very well today. Had I any energy, this would be a good day for physical labor.

It would also be a great day to lay out in the hammock. If I had a hammock.


If I had a hammock
I'd hammock in the morning
I'd hammock in the evening
All over this land...

Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have that that pitcher of Mojitos for lunch.