August 29th, 2005


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It's after 2:00 in the morning, and I haven't hit the bed yet.

I have footage that I need to watch, and the computer doesn't seem top recognize the DVD drive.

Tomorrow morning will come all to early.

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It's Monday. I didn't oversleep like I thought I would, though it was a close call. I was awake just enough to realize that instead of hitting the snooze bar, I hit the off button.

Having a bit of a rough patch. I don't know if I can explain it, but I'm feeling somewhat less than human right now. More machine.

September is full of primary shooting for Prey, as well as some visual effects work. I also need to make some lighting rigs as a part of this; the dolly probably has to go by the wayside for the time being.

October is shooting and post for the unnamed project. Y'all will find out more later.

The porch foundation has to be done in there as well; I still have to complete the CAD drawings and submit the plans for approval. They take much longer to do when there are other things to distract you like work, pets, and shooting a movie.

Tonight is split between CAD and compositing work. Tony is running auditions for one of the major roles for the movie on Tuesday & Wednesday; I'm probably going to beg off, as I don't really need to be there, and all things considered I have enough on my plate. I'd most certainly like to be there, but I'm pushing the envelope as is.

Yes, my end is the many-burning candle. That's not quite right, but there is a gist there.

I may go inccommunicado for a while. Nothing personal, just busy as hell.

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Either way you put it, it involves visiting a graveyard with a shovel, finding a
tombstone with a name on it that makes your willy tingle, unearthing the rotting
corpse thereunder and engaging in unmentionable acts of carnality once you have
the body above ground.

The Corpse Bride...

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Unfortunately the DVD of the video footage is corrupt, so I can't do any comp work.

I did however make a couple of "china balls" with a couple of the 200W-equivalent fluorescents. They're only 10-inch diameter, but they're also made with acrylic globes. A bit more sturdy than paper.

I also got a couple of paper ones to try.

The bulbs need to be color-corrected. I need to get some minusgreen gels.