September 1st, 2005


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In the overall remodeling plan for the house, I'd absolutely love to redo the windows and insulation. Ain't gonna happen in the real near future. The appliances I have are already decently energy efficient, other than perhaps the washer and dryer, which I will replace when they need replacing.

Redoing the roof of the house to include a proper ridge vent and attic insulation would do wonders.

The really nice deciduous tree on the south side of the house was cut down by the city.

The hot water heater is a gas heater, already insulated. I could add insulation to the pipes.

Don't have drapes on most of the windows. Think three cats. I will be doing a lot more plastic sheeting this year though.

No furnace for furnace filter. Boiler. Added circulating pumps to increase efficiency. Need to uncover the radiators more.

The hot water heater stays hot. Sorry, but that's a little bit of comfort that I love.

Gas dryer. No rerouting exhaust into basement. Bad idea.

I'm okay with the house being cool in the winter. But I also like it cool in the summer, so it's a half-and-half. Since I pretty much didn't use the studio at all this summer, it was not air conditioned. That saved quite a bit, I think.

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Figuring that gasoline prices aren't going down anytime soon, and will eventually settle out at $4.00/gal, I'm expecting that the cost of goods is going to increase somewhere between 20-30% in the near future. Being as I don't expect my salary to increase to compensate for that, I'm expecting that I will be spending less.
And others will too.
Which means that there will be some businesses that will collapse.

I'm also wondering about the housing boom. Fewer people spending money means fewer people buying houses. Will the inflated house prices fall? If I refinance, will that mean that I will hold a loan that is more than the house is worth?

I have a lot of work to do on the house. I can save a buttload of money doing the work myself, assuming I can afford the materials and the time. Some of the work is just too big for me to consider, like framing a second story and new roof, or a complete reinsulation/re-siding of the house, or replacing all the windows.

I'm entrenched. Pull back to just getting the front porch done. One piece at a time.

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Thinking that one of the days this weekend may be reorganizing the shed. As much as I want need to get the blockwork done, I have rather a swath of tools in the un-garage that really need to either exist in the basement or in the shed. The shed is smaller and easier to handle for purposes of cleaning.

Barb is coming down this weekend. Maybe I can get her help.

Or maybe I need to build another shed. :)

That's not as funny as it sounds. A lot of what is in the shed is building materials for the porch foundation that won't be used now, including a bunch of 1/2" CDX plywood. I could actually make a quick-and-dirty temporary shed that the city would tell me to tear down in a second. Realistically, I could move it out for the time being and put in shelves so I could organize the stuff that goes in the shed in a much better fashion.

And I could cut out that freakin' attic door so I could use the upper space for storage, like it was intended.

And now I must retreat back into the shallows.