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September 24th, 2005

Sep. 24th, 2005

Shooting last night at the House of Nigh Unto Pornographic Hedonism went well, up to a point. There was a funky energy that seemed to creep up as the night went on. Robin made it through her scenes before pretty much collapsing on the sofa from lack of sleep, I managed to melt a gel to Big Blue which resulted in a whole lot of smoke (outside, thankfully), and the final scene that we shot was a fight scene on glidecam with one light and a big diffuser (which took three people to hold down).
Fearless leader was pretty much wiped out by the end of the night. I think I was too, and I suspect that we were all pretty much running on empty, so it's probably good that we called it when we did.

Though in a good bit of news, I got a smooch on the cheek. Made my night.

Thinking of working on the porch today, but the dwarves that live inside my sinuses are playing weaselball in something of a fury, and that is encouraging me to lay down and nap some more.

And so I shall.
Apparently the dwarve's weaelball world series is today. Which means that only now thas the pounding subsided to a dull roar.

Sadie got a bath today, which she has needed for some time. And I have to say that she was the most amazingly good bath-dog I have ever seen. She got into the tub of her own accord, laid down when I asked her to, and stayed in the tub while I got her a towel. And now she's even staying off of the furniture while she's damp. She's gonna get some extra-special treats tonight-- I grilled some hamburgers, and she's gonna get one in her dinner.

I am off tonight to go up to Casa de Bruno for some non-filmmaking festivities. We're gonna drink rum drinks and watch low-budget movies and just be real people for a while.

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