September 27th, 2005


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Fucking Xcel energy.

I want to pay my electric bill.

I can pay over the phone. Except I get routed to phone hell, and after 30 minutes on hold, I give up and try again.

This time I get connected to a different phone hell, and only have to wait ten minutes.

I can pay my balance if I have my check routing number.

Oops, I don't have my checkbook with me.

Well, I can pay by credit card, but it's through a third party company, and they charge an extra $4.00 per $200.00.

And they don't take VISA.

Yes, that is correct, they don't accept VISA.

Look, I'm trying to pay my bill here, and you're blocking every avenue that I have. The only thing I have left is to make a payment at a payment center (Un-bank) after I get home from work. If they're open.

What is with these freaks?

Oh, yeah, and my wireless network is down at home.

I'm cranky.

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Wow. I am just a little poo-pot of negative emotions today. I'm annoyed and cranky and sad all at the same time, and I'm trying to not be abrupt with anyone if they come talk to me.

I've really been hitting a wall in a lot of things in my life. Right now I'm feeling the frustration.

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There's currently some kind of construction going on.

The building is shaking with what feels like the world's largest heartbeat.

EDIT: apparently it's the breaking of concrete on 494, several hundred feet away. Oy.

The house title file...

THEM: "Well, we haven't been able to find it today."

ME: "So do you have any idea where it might be?"

THEM: "No, we really have no idea. It was in out Bloomington office, and we're in Brooklyn Park."

ME: "So you're saying it's lost then?"

THEM: "Well, I wouldn't say it's lost exactly..."

ME: "Just that you don't know where it is, and you don't know where to look for it."

THEM: "No, we just haven't been able to find it today. There's always tomorrow."

Hey, at least they called me back. That's a first.

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Spent most of the night bashing out walls to run a network cable, only to be stymied by a floor/ceiling combination.

For now I've run the cable down the stairway... it's ugly, but it will do the job.

The wireless network connection is teh suck.