September 29th, 2005


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Woke up with the sneezing and the coughing. By siduses are cobpletely filled ub.

The bitch is I'm out of pseudoephedrine. I took some ibuprofen with the hope that the antiinflammatory nature would do the smackdown at least some, but I gave up after an hour. I had to resort to Ny-Quil.

Ny-Quil contains Dextromethorphan hydrobromide. I'm not a fan of bromides. They make me bitchy. But I suppose better to be bitchy and asleep than sneezing and awake.
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The Moon Card
You are the Moon card. Entering the Moon we enter
the intuitive and psychic realms. This is the
stuff dreams are made on. And like dreams the
imagery we find here may inspire us or torment
us. Understanding the moon requires looking
within. Our own bodily rhythms are echoed in
this luminary that circles the earth every
month and reflects the sun in its progress.
Listening to those rhythms may produce visions
and lead you towards insight. The Moon is a
force that has legends attached to it. It
carries with it both romance and insanity.
Moonlight reveals itself as an illusion and it
is only those willing to work with the force of
dreams that are able to withstand this
reflective light. Image from: Stevee Postman.

Only the major arcana. Huh.

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You scored as Kaylee Frye. The Mechanic. You are a natural mechanic, and you are far too sweet and cheerful to live out here. How you can see the good in everyone around you boggles the mind occationally. Still you don't seem to be any crazier than that, and it is a nice kinda crazy.


Kaylee Frye


Inara Serra


The Operative


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


River Tam


Simon Tam


Shepherd Derrial Book


Jayne Cobb


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