October 6th, 2005


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Woke up this morning with a nose on fire and my shoulders and neck being extremely stiff. I'm hoping it's just the change in weather and not another cold coming on, as that would be bad in so many ways. I considered staying home, but decided instead to hop in the shower and see if I could loosen up my neck with the hot water. Not super successful, but a little bit at least.

I have the feeling that the nose is from yesterday. I did some cleaning and changing out the cat boxes for new ones, and I did some mopping of the diseased area with bleach. Of course, I didn't think that bleach reacts with the uric acid, and releases chlorine gas as a byproduct. Of course it does it slowly enough that all you smell is the bleach smell.


Thinking I should probably prep the heating system for the onset of the cold weather. I need to bleed the upstairs radiators (which is a PITA for one person) and top off the systemwater level. Beyond that, it's flipping a couple of circuit breakers.

I do need to put plastic on the windows though. And pull out the AC unit in the bedroom and cover the dining room one with an insulated cover. And probably re-weatherstrip the doors. And I need to install a new set of fireplace doors now that I can get to the fireplace again.

Winter sucks.

But I do have a fireplace. And quite a lot of wood.

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Heading up to Casa de Bruno tomorrow night. Not for shooting or anything, but to help install a sump pump. Apparently the previous owner couldn't figure out what that hole in the floor was and covered it up with a cabinet.

It's probably a couple hours of work, depending on whether there is already a drain line run to the outside or anything. The worst part would be the drilling through the concrete wall of the house.

Of course, it's better than the jackhammering of the floor that it looks like I will have to do to fix my laundry room floor drain.

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It's harder than you'd think...

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Well, crap.

My super-secret project has come to something of a standstill because the parts that I needed that were in a nice small box-- well, I can't find the box. So some of it I can get done tonight, but some of it I can't. I might be able to get parts for it tomorrow, but probably not.

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Skills to use once again...

windelina's boiler made some rather nasty sounds and started spewing water. I headed up to the house to look at it. Best guess is that the T&P valve is old and got stuck when it overpressured. I fiddled with it a bit, and it looks like it might hold for now.

Now for some crap chili.