October 13th, 2005


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From Sarah Williams.
Address Amina Guest House.
Cote D'Ivoire in west africa.

Dear Please do not be embraced with this
letter as we have not seen or met before. My name is Sarah Williams I am the
only daughter of Late Mr. Williams Bamba a wealthy cocoa merchant in the
northern part of Cote D'Ivoire who was killed during last year November 2004
war. Dear I have gone through your profile and what I see is nice
for you, please I will like to hear from your urgently as soon as you recieve
this message.

My late father deposited the sum of Four Million Five
Hundred Thousand United state Dollars (USD$4.5M) with a bank here in Cote
D'Ivoire. Dear I want you to assist me to transfer this money to your account
and invest it in any available business of your choice. Please tell me how much

percentage you want for your humble assistance. Dear if you are touched to
help me, kindly reply so that I will tell you how to proceed.

Thanks and
remain blessed.
Sarah Williams.

Please reply me through my private
email address (sarah_williams1986@yahoo.fr)

(sarah_williams1986 at

I wonder if this is the same Sarah Williams that was a student in a hospital in Nigeria a few months back?

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> I feel like I need a week to just sleep. With
> gorgeous naked women. Plural. Who all want me. Is
> that too much to ask?

I am highly amused.

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The Delphi code is grotesque. In one case that I just found, there is a read of the serial port with a 10 ms timeout that is used to "clear the buffer". Problem is that it takes 50 ms to do one cycle, and the first program goes on, does another command, then it gets back a timeout result from the first read.

It's sprinkled with crap like that.

And there's a difference between seconds and milliseconds.

I just had to add code to my stuff to check for a timeout of less than some minimum and treat it as a special case where you don't want anything to happen. It's ugly.