November 6th, 2005


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After a bunch of sleep yet again, I ended up beating Silent Hill 4. Man, that game is frustrating-- it's a port from the PS2, and it is designed for a gamepad, so the WASD keys suck ass to control ol' Henry. And the freaking camera angle changes, so your keys change based on where the camera is.
Of course, in the final "boss" fight, that makes it a serious pain in the ass. It took me something like seven tries because I just didn't have the control that I needed.

Thing is, the game has four different endings depending on variables within the game. Maybe some day in the future I can play it through to the different endings, but I'd really rather have a freaking anti-tank weapon for that last battle.

I think now I shall sleep.

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Yeah, so there was more sleeping in today. I am up before noon, so bite me.

Weirdness in dreams last night. I was eating people in order to become them so that I could fix the darkness that was within them. Women tasted soapy. I'm not even gonna try and analyze that one.

I've lost myself, I think. My ability to see within me and understand my motivations for things. I'm feeling hidden from myself, and I wonder if that means I'm ignoring my inner voice-- the one that usually keeps me out of trouble. I know enough at this point to be cautious.

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Man, I'm cranky.

Went to Tony & Kristi's tonight and had a wonderful time. Almost became ruler of the known world but for an ironic twist of fate, then watched a Star Wars III extra on the ungodly amount of people that worked on a 43 second piece of the film (something like 70,000 man-hours). I nearly peed with the alienness of it all. Watched a tour of the coolest garage studio ever (Robert Rodriguez) and had deeply lustful thoughts over equipment and buildings, and finally stepped down to some extras on a million-dollar budget movie to cleanse the palate.

Seriously, watching Lucas make a film is like watching some sort of alien creature masturbate while a bunch of other alien creatures look on and applaud.

OTOH, Rodriguez I can envy. I get what he does. I understand every piece of equipment he has in his "garage", and I get why he has it set up like he does. Had I the money, I would do things much the same. Of course, that there is also a big-ass soundstage out in Austin where he can shoot stuff makes a huge difference as well.

That, and I don't even have a garage.

So okay, I'm on a much smaller budget. Like none. None is much smaller than some. We're shooting stuff at the level of a Tempe Entertainment or a Shock-O-Rama or The Asylum, but at perhaps a tenth of their budgets or less. And their budgets are *tiny*.

Of course, when you look at what they have to offer (cough boobs cough), it's pretty obvious that we're not even in the same league.

Discouraged, yes.

I do need to ressurect the studio space, and move the equipment to a new room. Set up in a better way for what needs to be done.

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