November 7th, 2005


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30/f, bisexual. 5' 11" (1.80m). SINGLE.

My self-summary:

Hi well I am looking to get married, I need stability and dont want to worry about couch hopping any more. I am willing to relocate anywhere but I do like warmer climates better. I am dissabled and can not work in the community, I have no problem working at home however. I have an SSD claim pending. I like music, reading, singing and sex if you can keep it interesting (the same thing all the time gets boring)! So if you want someone who will cook and clean and do the shopping, drop me a line.

See Woodwork, out of the.
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Dear vendor:

When you put together documentation for your function reference and that reference turns out to be incorrect on two counts for one function, and the combination of those two errors makes me lose two weeks worth of work tracking down a bizarre bit of behavior, I'm bound to get a little testy.

In case you're wondering, I managed to vanquish the whack-a-mole bug. It turns out that the function that I use to reset the interrupt vector uses a different value than the one that is documented; however, when the incorrect value is used, it does not fail liek it is supposed to, but reports a success.

The end result of this was that my interrupt handler was deleted, but the reference to my interrupt handler in the kernel was not, and whenever I would enable interrupts on the system, it would crash, but only the second time. After that, the previously loaded value just happened to be correct in memory.

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You scored as Gangrel. You belong to the Gangrel bloodline. Gangrel are very in touch with nature and for this reason are often loners and hermits. They have a very keen sense of the beast inside them and can let it out with devastating results. They do, however, have a bit less control over their impulsive, animalistic nature and are easy to drive into an uncontrollable frenzy.
















What vampire clan do you belong to?
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Yeah, I had to. I actually figured I'd be in the Cinematographer clan. I'm the guy holding the lights.

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Doing some last-minute concrete grooming on the porch.

This involves a mix that is basically portland cement with a little bit of sand. I also used an admix that's a lot like glue. It helps to bond the concrete tighter and adds strength.

So the stuff in the mixer, add some water to make a mixture that's... well, a lot like mud.

Doing just fine most of the way. Maybe a little light on the water, so floating it off I added water in a fine mist to the top surface.

Almost to the end, and it started setting up in the mixer. So I added water.

With the mixer pointed at about a 30-degree down angle.

Ever seen an elephant with diarrhea?

I had about 30 lbs. of gooey mortar mix come loose and flop on the deck, and splatter directly onto yours truly.

Turns out that the mixture sticks really well to skin.

I just got out of the shower.