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November 21st, 2005

Nov. 21st, 2005

Your Thanksgiving Costume Is
Sexy Indian Maiden


You know, it's just wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to begin.
On the way home from work, I drive by a billboard. It says:

Do you find yourself sexually attracted to children?

And I can't help thinking "Not until you brought it up, no, but it is the holiday season..."

I think it's because all of the other billboards that I see are overwhelmingly about advertising that this one strikes me as just another ad, rather than being a PSA for a non-profit organization. Kind of like I'm expecting "Then try our new Pedo-Cola! Tastes like chicken!"

Awh, yeah. Goin' to hell.
There really are times I shouldn't play with knives.
It is weird to hear the phrase Scrotal Contour one time while at work, much less twice in two different conversations.
Wow, I'm having a really hard time concentrating on this.

I'm having to deconstruct the code to get at the architecture of the system. The problem is that the code was written by clever guys that have long since gone away, and nobody really understands how it works except at a really surface level.

The biggest piece is called the sequencer. And it's clever. It does some really cool things. It's also written entirely in assembly, and has comments like "add one" and "quit now". And nowhere is there a description of what the higher-level structures are, like the "slot".

In really rough terms, it behaves like a synchronous multi-threaded interpreter for a very high-level language.

And it's really clever.

Oh, my, clever.

Note that there is a difference between clever and elegant.

Elegant code is clean and streamlined without losing understandability.

Clever code is brief and tricky, and may be optimized to next tuesday, but it's a right bitch to reverse-engineer. Clever code brings you things like this.

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