December 2nd, 2005



If you're wondering what's up with certain long-term investments, business plans or projects involving shared resources, the fact that they've been slow in coming to fruition is a good sign rather than a negative one. Whenever you want something to happen, remember that it's more important that the right thing manifest rather than something that almost fits, or almost doesn't do the job.
This is the time to keep stating your vision over and over. Be clear with yourself and anyone close to the situation about just what you're working toward. Say it again and again and the chances are, it will become true.

Seems like everything in my life is long-term.

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Hmmm... I actually need to go grocery shopping tonight. Its kinda weird, because my grocerology is really limited.

Red meat has fallen by the wayside in a rather extreme fashion. I can't remember the last time I had beef (other than broth); I think it was at Omegacon. I did have a couple of pieces of bacon on a subway sammich the last couple of nights, so I suppose that counts, unless you consider bacon to be a spice (which is pretty valid the way that Subway does it).

What meat I have been eating is turkey and chicken, and the rare bit of salmon. I suppose that's not as big a deal during the winter, but when grilling season starts up again, I know that I'm gonna have the urge to throw some No Name steaks on the grill, and make some burgers and such.

I do suppose that I might be able to supplant a lot of that with turkey and chicken breasts and ground turkey for the burgers.

I think I need to do something.