December 18th, 2005


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Sweet Mothercakes of Hasselhoff.

Met up with mag_anghusa, 4dramatic_flair, sybildiscontent, and thegooderic to see Sarah Silverman do Jesus.

I have such a crush on Sarah Silverman. Okay, I have for many years, but she's a freaking genius in this movie. Offensive as hell, but in a good way. And she is awesome hot, with the sexiest self-love scene evar.

After that, there was Famous Dave's for conversation and Blues. And lo, it was good. It was kind of like dating, but without all that awkward kissing stuff at the end. And with more people.

Sadly, it had to end, and I came home to my lonely sweet pup who really wants to be petted, and to a pain in the ass cat who tried to hork on the bed from my lap.

Being at the house felt weird. Empty and alone. Not sure why, other than I was having a good time being comfortably with a group of folks enjoying their company, and I wasn't the odd-man-out. It was different.

Want more.