December 24th, 2005


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Mister tummy has managed to calm down a bit, which is very much a good thing. I don't really want to lay down for the sleep-thing quite yet as it's still not exactly comfortable.

I was upstairs in the studio and cleaned up a small spot so I could put down an old sleeping bag for Sadie to lay on when I'm up there. Seems it was a good choice, as she promptly went to sleep. Micha-butt managed to find his way upstairs and decided to plant himself between me and the computer so that I would hold him and pet him, and he did the sort of sleepy-cat thing while laying on my chest-- not quite sleeping, but purring like a... well, a cat.

Screw you, my metaphor gland is broken.

(no subject)

Mom is cleaning.

She's going through my old mail. The stuff that's in a box to be burned. She wants to "make sure it's not something I need".

I will not scream. I will not scream. I will not scream.