December 29th, 2005


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A bit of creative fiddling and a run through the google poetrizer, and this comes out:

RESPONSE of MRS. ALICE WHITERABBIT PLEASE CCPas to CCes electronic mails, ANSWER Par Mon Privé enamel


Happy stays, I thus found me to you. I have a need for your support that and I hope for that you include/understand however me to help to be able, me, if it not not to choose.

on your profile I supported, to send this post office to you. * I of the Alice old Whiterabbit, 21 year and it it alone girl my late Mrs Whiterabbit the Mr.and relative. My father was a businessman in a way very marked of great quality (a cocoa tradesman) that in the capital of Côte.d'ivoire during his days as an operator functioned.

It is sad of saying that it exceeded far mysteriously in France during its business trips in Febuary 2003. Although its sudden death was supposed to have been masterminded by an uncle of sound which travelled with him at this time, only the god the truth knows.

My mother died, when I 4 years right was old, and since then my father ego has concerns. Before it named its death, the secretary who explained it to the hospital accompanied and him that him it total of 10 Liras hundred Italian miles (ITL 10.400) has on the left here in one of the leading companies of safety in Côte.d'ivoire West Africa. It stated to him that more still it fixed the money in my name, to be protected in front of expenditure from title. I am the 21 years right and can obtain one old diploma more and really not that to make.

Expensive, I am eager sincere a their humble support in this respect.

Allow maintaining to me to put this question:

1.) can this quantity buy a coffee basin?

Please consider this one and receive return to me as soon as possible you.

Just one more.

If you like something, you make go. If it turns over to you, it is for it. If it were not it.

And my horoscope for today:
'Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.' Mother Teresa was a shining example to us all. She didn't lead, she didn't follow, she just drew on a deep inner-faith and did whatever was needed. Can you be saintly in the way that you now deal with a difficult situation? Of course. You just have to stop making comparisons and avoid making judgements, too. You have something you can give, something you can share, some very practical way to help another person's life become a little less stressful. 2006 is looking very exciting.

It's pretty lame, and comparing me to Mother Teresa gets it the poetry treatment:

You do not await ' heads; only do it, with anybody nobody.' above. The Teresa mother was a brilliant example with us all. She did not lead them, did not follow, precisely not drawn them on a major faith internal and fact, which was also always necessary. Can you be in the manner saintly which you employ a difficult situation now? Obviously. They must form judgements to only compare to stop, and avoid, too. It to have something, it to give to be able to help something it to divide to be able, a much practical manner, life of another person, to become stressful little less. Look at 2006 very examment.

I think I like the second one best.

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If you have a pound of marijuana in your car, it's probably not a good idea to drink yourself silly and drive the wrong way down the interstate.

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I really need to get out of the house and be more social. Preferably somewhere with a lot of pretty and friendly girls.

I've found myself being attracted to a cartoon character. Cripes.