December 30th, 2005


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Stoopakitty decided that he was gonna be outside no matter what, so he made a break for it.

Three hours later, he's cranky because it's cold and there's snow outside.


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So last night I actually braved intestinal freedom and drove to Best Buy to pick up Serenity and Battlestar Galactica 2.0, as well as a couple of other DVD-based things. I exited with a stack that should keep my video-bone satisfied for a while. On the way home, I also stopped by Micro Center and picked up a few games, and seriously eyed a new computer (refurbished Sony VAIO) which I didn't buy. I did however get Stubbs the Zombie.

Apparently it pissed off the elder gods, because there is a metric buttload of snow today, and it's still snowing. At some point I should shovel and trace an elder sign onto the front lawn, but methinks it can wait until the snow stops, or at least takes respite.

As to my Aqualung-like tendencies:
I'm not sitting on a park bench. The girls that I eye with bad intent tend to not be so little, thank you. And I do have a code of personal hygiene that includes showering on a pretty regular basis.
The snot thing and the shabby clothes however are dutifully mine.

This however must spawn a new icon.

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'Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.' Venus and Mercury suggest that you are entering the new year with a crucial choice to make. That's why I have picked out this quote from Buddha. There's a lot you can talk about, a lot you can explain, a lot you can rationalise and a lot you can argue with. There is, though, one thing you can say that will make you feel a lot better and spread a lot of happiness around your world. Reach for the highest, the wisest and the kindest way to proceed.

Hmm... suggestions, anyone?