December 31st, 2005


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Holy blended assmonkeys, Batman.

Woke up shaking. And not cold-shaking, but low-blood-sugar shaking. Checked it at 114, which is not low. Ate a banana and a shake anyway. Good choice. Less shaky.

Still a little freaked.

Bed now.

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Awake and alive, and surprisingly no hangover. Or at least not as much of one as I expected.

Watching some movies today, I think. I know New Years is a time to be all social and smack, but I'm feeling a bit solitary. When you're alone, it can be a bit overwhelming hanging around with couples doing kissy-face things, and I'm not really feeling up to that today.

I should get outside and do some more shoveling or dog walking. Sadie has discovered that the bed being lower means she can get up on it a lot easier, and I've had a cuddly bed friend the last couple of nights.

Pondering today on coupleosis. That's my new term for the percieved need to be in a relationship; there's probably a better term for it, but it's only a label. It's the concept that's important.

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Ask me a question. Any question. And I'll answer it 100% honestly. However in return, I get to ask you a question back which you must answer with honesty as well.

Anyone else can join in answering a question as well that has been previously asked, as if the question had been asked to them. They can then ask a question as well. And so on and so forth. Thinking of it as a confessional/get to know people pyramid scheme.

Here's your chance, kids. That thing you've either been dying to know, or dying to get me to admit in a public forum. No holds barred, and anonymous comments are fair game.

For some reason, this makes me nervous.

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Would you like some good news? Soon, it won't be 2005 anymore. Would you like some even better news? It will never be 2005 again! The recent past hasn't been all bad but it has put you through a lot. You are still coming to terms with a series of difficult and demanding experiences. Things won't suddenly change overnight for you, but they will gradually improve during January. The New Moon will ensure that if you start the year with nothing else, you will begin it with a realisation that you truly are moving on. Just be glad of that. Allow things to run their natural course, and don't worry. Bright experiences lie in store for you.

Well, good to know then.