January 3rd, 2006


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Starting off the new year with a righteous bang.

Second unit shooting for PREY is now off to a hellacious start. One of the leads is going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks, and will only be available for ONE WEEKEND when she gets back, so I have to try and shoot all of her fight inserts in two days, in addition to one quickie location shoot. And two of those fight inserts are effects-heavy.

So the stuff that was planned for shooting later in the month is suddenly bumped to earlier, and I'm scrambling to try and make it work.

Then again, when I find myself saying things like:

Damn, a baby would be so cool, particularly one that's dismembered

I remember why I'm doing this in the first place.

Now I still need to find some victims, two children and an adult male. All stills, all dead. Lots of makeup.

Crap, I gotta do makeup too.