January 30th, 2006


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Nausea sucks. Having to eat while you're nauseated sucks worse.

Way too much happening this week, all of it related to shooting. I need to get insert shots done this week, and I need to set up the studio to handle the ADR sessions that need to happen immediately thereafter. Out of necessity, those will be happening in the upstairs bedroom, which means I also need to do sound treatments in that room this week as well as wiring it.

I may lose my happy special effects shot. I don't want to, but trying to handle the logistics of getting everybody there to shoot it in time to make the first cut just isn't happening. I might be able to do it later for an extended cut, but I suspect it's gonna die completely. Maybe I can resurrect it for another project.

Stuff is collapsing.
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Cranky tonight.

Sadie did a bad thing and ate a bunch of ground beef that was supposed to be for dinner. She stole it off the counter. Unfortunately I didn't catch her until after the fact. So she is being shunned.
We went for a walk, but I made her stay on heel the whole time, and did not talk to her.

She only gets dry food for dinner.

She can't be on the bed.

She knows that something is wrong.