January 31st, 2006


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Something odd I just noticed.

Let's say that you have five toothpicks, and they are three different colors (two blue, two green, and one red).

There is no way to arrange them that does not make a pattern.

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Anybody have a thing for Papasan chairs?

I have a couple of 'em that are right now taking up more space than they are worth. Yours if you want 'em, else they will become either part of a shipment to the Salvation Army or perhaps dumpster fodder. Or if you're doing some weird Sci-Fi Gilligan's Island spoof, they'd make perfect bamboo satellite dishes.

Cane furniture and I are not compatible. Nothing against it, it's just in general not built sturdily enough to withstand the gravitational attraction between the earth and my ass.

Incidentally, the white color of the cushions is not representative. Think more of an off-beige. Probably not the kind of condition that you'd expect for formal company, but good for lounging in the basement.

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"We have a special kind of love. The kind of love that can only be shared between a man and a woman, and possibly the occasional panda or off-season fruit."

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Got home a bit late after some bizarre confluence of special needs folks at the pharmacy. Got out the door for the pooch-walk at 6:15, wanted to be home by 7:00, so I decided to try and speedy-walk, which consists primarily of me trying to keep up with the dog.
This walk normally takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on tree-sniffin' and peein' on stuff.
I made it in 30 minutes. With only one poop-stop. Go me. Seriously, that's 30 minutes of aerobic walking, which surprises the hell out of me.

And I got some Ester-C for the pooch. Preventative for hip dysplasia. She's still got the bunny-hop on stairs, but she does alright on flat ground.

Tonight is some playing with the new toy.

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Holy frothing anal beads, Batman!

I just spent a couple of hours doing some testing of dialogue replacement.

Can you say "tedious"?

I thought you could.

Now say it over and over for about two hours, or until your ass starts to hurt because of the uncomfortable chair.

After that, assume that you have about 30 seconds of running time done. And that's just the dialogue, that doesn't involve any actual processing, or adding sound effects, or foley work. Figure around six hours of process per finished minute.

Then realize it's a 70-minute movie, and figure somewhere around half to 2/3 needs that level of work. And that's just the sound. There's still the scene-by-scene (actually shot-by-shot) correction that needs to happen. And digital effects.

Let's say around 500 hours.

Let's say I can do a 20-hour week. That's a heavy load. That's also 25 weeks.

First order estimate of the postproduction is around six months under the assumption that I could devote the equivalent of a part-time job to it. And knowing that I have to have the front porch finished framing by the end of April, 'taint gonna happen like that.

So now, to backfill: assume that I have three weeks to record all of the actors for the dialogue replacement and get a first cut done. Assume it will take a week just for the recording.

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