February 7th, 2006


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Random Bizarre Facts:

  • A pork chop will dissolve if left to sit in a bowl of Coca-Cola

  • Moths aren't really attracted to light. They're attracted to the black spot behind it

  • Romans invented the first popsicle

  • A cheetah does not roar, it purrs.

  • A rat is able to live longer without water than a camel.

  • No two zebras have the same kind of stripes

This stuff was sent to me by a recruiter. Just too good to pass up.

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I so want to go home right now.

Finished my proposal and shuffled it to the boss-man yesterday. So far the feedback has been pretty positive, and we're having a meetin' tomorrow to discuss it amongst the software fellows. Basically a system analysis lead to primitive object-forms, functionality led to their shape, now the language is synthesized out of that gobbledygook. The nice thing is that the language becomes breakable into five component families.

Still have to figure out how to handle data management for individual instructions, but the rest is kinda falling into place. Seems like maybe I did it right.

Right now though, I want to get my ass working on getting the ADR stage prepped. That's my fancy name for the room that will be used to record the ADR performers. It's an upstairs bedroom that has highly angled walls. It's also the massage room, the room in which I plastered sybildiscontent, and Sasha's old bedroom. Hey, it's not like I'm working with a big-hairy-ass budget here.

On the way home, there is a now-abandoned little complex of buildings which formerly housed Pinecraft Furniture. It's been closed for a couple of months, but I don't see any for sale signs or anything, so I don't know what the story is. It looks like it would be a pretty damn good studio space, but it also looks a bit run down so I don't know if it's gonna be torn down or not. I've got a couple of feelers out to see if I can find any information on it. Pretty much a pipe dream, ya know? But it's big enough I could have soundstage, workshop/scene shop, recording studio, and maybe even a performance space/theater or haunted house.

St. Louis Park corridor seems to be not a great location for retail businesses. There are quite a few along that Highway 7 corridor that are closed down and empty. Dacon Engineering, the Park Pet Hospital (cool building), and a few others that I'we seen.

Unless it's something that's pretty much a specialty store, it seems clunky.

AAAAAH! this is driving me nuts.

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Did a massage tonight-- one of the Operation Frostbite certs. Went very well, I think, but I did get hit by a bit of nausea after about an hour-- medication side effect. I did it tonight because she was in need of some destressing, and because I'm going to be taking the massage table down to set up the room for ADR.

Exhausted now. Sleep.