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February 14th, 2006

From Valentine's day, three years ago:

i went to the doctor today and told him that the voices in my head had stopped screaming he didnt seem to think that was funny and asked me more about the voices i told him i was just kidding the pills he gave me were fine things were much better he seemed to accept that i didnt tell him i had stopped taking the pills they told me to stop i have to do what they say or they hurt me sometimes they tell me to do bad things and i dont want to do them but they tell me i have to and the keep telling me louder and louder and they dont stop they just keep going if i dont do what they say they make me hurt myself they used to make me cut my arms but the doctor saw so now they make me cut my private place i dont like that it hurts most of the time they tell me to hurt the animals they dont scream but sometimes they make me hurt the children they do scream for a while so i have to take them where its quiet so nobody hears them i cant stand the screams so i cry but the voices like them and they stay quiet for a while and just whisper sometimes when they like it a lot they tell me secrets and its like im standing in a pool of sunshine and they let me stay there sometimes for days if im good they tell me its okay to tell you it only hurts for a little while and that I shouldnt cry im sorry
He was a mean individual
Had a heart like a stone
He was a natural crazy man
And better off left alone

Well he stopped one night
At a traffic light
And when that light turned green
He was a mean individual
Stranded in a limousine

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