February 15th, 2006


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You scored as Alpha Wolf. You are an ALPHA WOLF. You stand tall and are recognized by your followers. You are the leader, dominant, strong and intelligent. You are in charge and make sure that it is known. Despite the way you show your emotions towards others, you really do care for your pack.


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Plan for the evening:

  1. Perambulate the pooch (she really desperately needs love and attention right now, at least according to her)

  2. Essenmachen (cooking something for victuals, and by cooking I mean more throw something in the nukrowave) and feeddiepetzen

  3. Excavate the rug-sucker from the storage locker (i.e. closet)

  4. Elevate self to the new ADR lounge whilst carrying said rug-sucker

  5. Clean up detritus from the last round of foaming

  6. Collect nonessentials from ADR lounge into one confined space

  7. Apply glue to last foamy bit, glue foamy bit to wall

  8. Suck rug

  9. If time permits, do wiring. Unlikely that time will permit.

  10. Sleeeeeeep.


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Dear Amazon.com:

When you send me a package to my house and you require an in-person signature, UPS will not deliver it. Then it will get returned to you. That will cost you money, and piss me off.


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Home from cold walkies. Pets are foodified, and even a bit petted. Sadie wants attention, like that's any big surprise. I'm snurfling down some liquid caffiene before heading into the wild blue, yonder.

EDIT: Finished with the straightening and vaccuuming of the ADR Lounge. Even got up the last sheet of foam. Wiring will wait until tomorrow.