February 24th, 2006


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Feeling disconnected today.

My Byetta pen ran out this morning. Refill won't be ready until Monday, which means I have three days minimum of being off of the injections. Not supposed to be a problem, other than the discontinuity. The pharmacy is checking other pharmacies in the area to see if they can find one that has it in stock, but because it's pretty new and it's temperature sensitive, it's unlikely.

Did another four hours on the ADR last night, with a short break to receive light fixtures from lio. A lot more difficult, and I only managed to get half of a long scene done for one actress. It means that I'm digging into it tonight and foregoing the company holiday party thing-- not feeling particularly social anyway.

Fluffy buttermuffins.

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My skin feels like it's burning, particularly on my left hand. Like I've been holding ice for a few minutes then put my hand under warm water.
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