March 12th, 2006


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Heading into a dark place again.

I suppose there was respite for a while, and there probably will be again, but it's seeming like a long ride in the blackness.

Sound and fury signifying nothing.
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Decided that with the cold and snow imminent, I'd take a day from the porch. Went to see Night Watch at the Uptown. I dug it, was surprised by it, and in general was intrigued.

In the lobby, I ran into Charlie Hubbell and introduced myself. Just a quick chat, but nice.

Tonight I'm gonna bury myself in forgetfulness.

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Cold Creek Manor. Mike Figgis.

Not a horror film. Theoretically a suspense film.

One of the extras has Mike Figgis talking about the "rules" of suspense. Considerably different than Hitchcock. I like Hitchcock's better.

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