March 31st, 2006


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April Fool
alcippehas a hundred large anchovy pizzas and a diet coke delivered to your door.
alisgraylegally changes your name to MoonBeam Cappa.
cleoTPs your house.
danaetrims your hedge into a replica of the Venus de Milo.
dramatekcvenlists you in the French Foreign Legion.
purplesquirrelsmiles. All the time.
inked2xshaves your cat.
jmannasells your car on Ebay.
petsnakereggieeggs your elderly relatives.
theseamsterbuys you a Russian Bride.
Prank Me

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Iran's military said Friday it successfully test-fired a missile not detectable by radar that can use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously.

"Today, a remarkable goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran's defense forces was realized with the successful test-firing of a new missile with greater technical and tactical capabilities than those previously produced," Salami said on television, which showed a brief clip of the missile's launch. "It can avoid anti-missile missiles and strike the target," the general said. He said the missile would carry a multiple warhead, and each warhead would be capable of hitting its target precisely.

The tests come amid growing concern over Iran's nuclear program. The United States and its allies believe Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, but Tehran denies that, saying its nuclear program is for generating electricity. The U.N. Security Council is demanding that Iran halt its uranium enrichment activities. But an Iranian envoy said its activities are "not reversible."

General Salami?