April 2nd, 2006


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Spent the Day of Fools working on the porch. Got most of the wood cut for both front walls, and actually managed to get the smaller front wall assembled and in place. Downside is that it was an exhausting day, and I am now fluffing a bottle of ibuprofen.

Today it is raining. Much thinkies of staying in bed. Salami, y'all.

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And in case you were wondering:

In CEn OUTSIDE OF SERVICE 2101, the war started.
Captain: What arrives?
Mechanic: Us bends it established somebody.
Operator: We receive the signal.
Captain: That!
Operator: The principal screen in circuit to put.
Captain: It is you!!
Cats: How it Messrs! to be!
Cats: Your whole lower part being to belong us.
Cats: They are on the manner aiming at the destruction.
Captain: That it! to say!
Cats: They do not have probability of surviving form your time.
Cats: HA HA HA HA....,
Captain: eliminate each one ' guy '!!
Captain: They know, which it making.
Captain: shift ' guy '.
Captain: For great justice.