April 3rd, 2006


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Revised: it's now down to 60.

Apparently when they redid all of the rooms, they didn't move the thermostats, so the thermostat for the production/warehouse area is the one outside of my cube (which isn't actually located in the production area), and the thermostat in the lab is the one that reads for out here, which is currently at 75 degrees.

Best we can do for now is to block the door to the production area open to let the air intermingle a little. Unfortunately that makes it really noisy.

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So with the daylight savings time thing, when we set the clocks ahead, that means that we get an extra hour of sunlight, right?Because if that's teh case, I'm gonna try to work on the porch tonight after work. There's only one wall left to go, as well as adding the window rails to the side walls. After that comes the fun part of doing the roof.
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Woo-hoo! Managed to get in a couple of hours worth of porch work, enough to cut the remaining notches in the three support posts. If the weather holds tomorrow, I might actually be able to finish the last wall and get it up.

BTW, cutting notches actually requires a lot of by-hand work with a hammer and chisel. I'm talented, yo.
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