April 11th, 2006


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Fuckin' toothache is keeping me awake. Keeping it on ice helps until I run out of ice, then it's back with a vengeance. So much pain that it bleeds into colors and flavors-- reds and a tiny bit of blue, ice cream and blood. I'm up to my gills in painkillers, and I'm about to douse myself in NyQuil to see if I can make it into REM. Wush me lick.

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Root canal.

This morning.

I go back thursday morning at 7:00 for the completion.

The right side of my mouth is numb. I look like I had a stroke. Sound like it, too. But yea, there is less pain.

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Hey, some summer fun:

We have a software internship coming up this summer.

C/C++, Matlab, Serial communication, and XML. Also Delphi or visual pascal would be nice but not required.

If you run into any college students in need of a summer internship, have them contact me and I'll put them in contact with our HR guy.

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So the novocaine is starting to wear off. Not quite enough to get the movement back into my lips and all (makes drinking somewhat more exciting than usual), but the pain is starting to cut through. Ibuprofen is my friend.

In case you're curious, details of a root canal.

Honestly it wasn't as painful as I was expecting, and certainly far less painful than the pain that kept me awake all freaking night. So no, I haven't slept. But boy, am I loopy.

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Mouth is back to normal, which is something of a relief. Tooth is weird, because where there was a hole is now filled with stuff that the dentist put in to temporarily patch it, but just feels like food is stuck in there. And it only hurts if I chew. Good thing: i looked at the dental insurance plan, and a root canal is a 75% reimbursement, not the 50% I was expecting.

Gonna rain. And it's freakishly cold in the office right now, like 63 degrees. Tonight I shall work on taxes (no I haven't done them yet, though I have done some serious prep), and perhaps go to bed early because it's unlikely that I'm going to be tackled by randy college coeds for a romp in the fluffy blankets.

This weekend looks like it will be thunderstormy, which might make working on the porch somewhat problematical. Or problematickal, since I've been reading the first book in the baroque series from Neal Stephenson. Gotta say it's not my favorite and I'm having a hard time getting into it.