April 16th, 2006


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Barb didn't come home last night. It's her birthday today, and I suspect that she was out celebrating, though I have a sneaking suspicion of something else hiding in the woods.

Let the commencement beginulate!

(no subject)

I've had a weird couple of IM contacts lately.

The first one has a lot to do with hats, which I don't really understand, but oh well.

I say old bean, have you seen my hat?

Turns out this is a weird bot, identified as The Hatmaster. It hooks you up at random with another AIM user.


Weird, but kinda fun.

The second is a woman who caught my profile on Yahoo! personals. I thought I had disabled that profile, but apparently I did not.

So she's older than me by a couple of years. Widowed. A grandmother. Christian. Think Lutheran church lady with the hot dish. About as far opposite my "type" as you can get, and I'm not exactly church bazaar fodder. I tried explaining that I make dead people and that my spiritual beliefs are not exactly in line with church theology. I watch David Lynch films and enjoy it.

So I was trying to explain to her that I'm not dating right now as a choice, since I am not feeling particularly "datey" right now.

And I got chewed out for not giving her a chance.

Umm. Yeah.

Look, I would date if I found someone both interesting and interested who wasn't living thousands of miles away, and was willing to be patient and understanding. And right now I am not interested in sharing my more intimate moments with anyone outside of an emotionally stable stripper with a thing for bad horror movies and hot tubs. Chewing me out don't win you no brownie points, gig? It just makes you seem desperate, and desperation I don't need.

On the other hand, I made Barb cry. Because I rememebred her birthday and got her something.

Egg-layin' bunny on a crutch.