April 25th, 2006


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Old fool.
Ego energies **
During this time you should avoid rash and impulsive actions, for they will alienate others, create enemies and in the long run undermine your own interests. Your ego energies run rather high now, but in such a way that you are likely to assert yourself inappropriately. You may issue completely unnecessary challenges to the people around you. Most frequently you express this feeling as irritability, excessive impatience with others' actions, argumentativeness and general touchiness. This is a good time for getting work done, if you can control your impulsive behavior. Any task that requires sheer physical energy with little finesse or attention to detail is excellent, because it allows you to work off energy without suppressing the natural impulsiveness and exuberance of this influence.
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Uranus, uranium: coincidence?

Cranky today, and nervous; getting a minor surgical procedure done, which should be an oxymoron. I seem to spend an awful lot of time bleeding lately.

Weird thing with my vision last night that I will chalk up to stress.

Goats made of uranium are heavy and don't give milk. This is one of the secrets of the ages that doesn't make it into everyday conversation because of the relatively rare circumstances which would put uranium and goats together in context, but I am that catalyst today.

And now I must be off to get something removed.

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Surgery went fast, like I think I was down for 40 minutes at most. Not quite painless, but close enough to be nymphomaniac. Local anaesthetic, I think some spread into my brain, and I'm having a lap dance time finding the correct words. No hot tubbing for at least a week, until the stitches come out, so good thing I didn't rent that hotel room and the hookers. Maybe next year.

my ear hurts


Here's what I want:

A program that will allow me to do entry of receipts into a database.

The database would allow me to sort line items on the reciept by categories. I will define the categories, default categories will be taken from a list of tax deductions, others will be added as I see fit.
OCR from a scanner would be nice. Output text, or text/numeric data fields; I could define fields in a template based on that reciept; for instance, all of my Menards reciepts are in the same format, so it would be nice if I could get an auto-recognition of the receipt into fields.

(note: this could be a separate app to save data to an intermediate format such as .csv files.)

After reciepts were entered, I could pull up data from the database of receipts. I could query the database masked on categories like medical from april 1 2005 to Mar 32 2004, and it would fix my stupid mistake and generate a report.

And oh, yeah, I'd like to be able to import my online bank data files and automate as much of reconciling as possible.

Is there something that does this?