May 17th, 2006


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I don't know why they call them Depends. They're not that dependable.

Taking the 'Sploder into the shop on Friday. Burning a vacation day to do it, but it's making angry grindy scary scrapy noises which could be anything from brakes to CV joint to wheel bearing, or some combo. As much as I could burn a day or two fixing it myself, I gots no time.

Unfortunately, angry grindy scrapy noises are generally expensive.

More and more the idea of getting a roommate is appealing.

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Took off the gay pirate orthopedic earpatch for a while. The wound isn't healing properly, and I really need a break-- it freaking hurts in that low-constant-pain way, and I need a break.

Pretty much plateaued out on the bike I think. 330/30, and I'm shaky. I pushed it a bit, but I really need to work on my arms more than my legs.

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Sharp has a full-res HD LCD TV. Actually, they have a bunch of them.

That's 1920x1080 resolution. That works as a happy happy desktop resolution.

Price I'm guessing is still high. Eventually they will come down.

Just happy that the blurred line between TV and monitor is now just *gone*.

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I was thinking of making a salad for dinner.

I added red pepper, broccoli, a cucumber, some bebe carrots. Some shredded low-fat mozzarella, some pickles. Fat-free ranch, some hot sauce, balsamic vinegar.

Then I put it in the microwave.

Hey foo, it's good. Steamed vegetables, but with a mass of flavor. Who knew microwaving cucumber slices worked?