May 25th, 2006


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Wow, cow.

Just got hit with a sudden, blinding headache. I think pinched nerve in my neck, as I was moving weirdly at the time.

I really need a massage and a week off.
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Here's a question for you:

You have the option of going to work for a company that will provide you with food, clothing, housing, transportation, health care, and a small stipend (say $1000/month). What they provide is corporate-sponsored, not really your choice. Not extravagant, but functional. In exchange, you work for them, you go where they tell you to go and do what they tell you to do. Nothing outrageous: you won't be sold into sex slavery or be forced to work 80-hour weeks for months on end, but it's hard work, and you could be moved to a new place at a moment's notice. The term is a five-year contract; if you decide to leave, there is a financial penalty and you have to pay back some percentage of what the company has put into you. During that five-year tenure, you are only allowed company-approved communications (TV shows, internet sites, phone calls, etc.) and your communications will be monitored with an eye on corporate security.
There will be corporate-sponsored recreation facilities that you will be encouraged to choose over outside recreations. Things like health clubs, pool, movies, nightclubs, arcades will be available at a reduced cost (say 25% of "retail") and exclusive to the employees. Day care and K-12 education will be provided by the company at no additional expense.

Does this sound like an attractive option?

Absolutely not
If I was completely desperate, maybe
That actually sounds interesting
Hell yes! Sign me up!

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Wow, Abbas has some stones. Way to force Hamas into action.

10 days. Ballsy, particularly when a lot of Hamas likes to shoot and blow up people that piss them off.

If Hamas doesn't step up within 10 days, a referendum goes to the Palestinian people 30 days later.

I'm guessing that there will be a whole lot of explody stuff happening soon.

Hey, Hamas? Got some news for you. Israel will kick your ever lovin' ass if you really decide to push it. It is really in your best interests to find a way to recognize Israel's right to exist and to work on negotiation. If that means working through the PLO so that you can save face, do it.

Yeah, like Hamas reps read my blog.

And Iran-- hey dudes, does radioactive oil still burn?